Ketapang Leaf

(Sea Almond or Indian Almond or Terminalia Catappa or K Leaf) 

dried ketapang leaf

Cleaned dried ketapang leaf. Notice the red pigmentation on the leaf.

dried ketapang leaves

Cleaned dried ketapang leaves. Notice the rich texture and deep coloration.

yellow ketapnag leaf

Ketapang leaf that is freshly harvested. Notice the yellowish color and red pigmentation on the leaf.

yellow ketapang leaves

Freshly harvested ketapang leaves that are just fallen from the tree. Notice the yellowish color and red pigmentation on the leaves.



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Secret Recipe for Breeding Tropical Fish

Ketapang leaves are used by tropical fish farm breeders and fish hobbyist to create brackish water or k-water extract to promote healing and breeding for tropical fishes, such as Guppies, Betas, Arowanas, Tetras, Gouramis, Apistos, etc...

Beside creating a natural environment and induces spawning, it also controls or reduces the PH level of water, thus it is also one of the best aquarium water conditioner . They are known to have antibacteria, antifungal, stress relieve and immune boosting properties for all tropical fishes too.

Harvesting & Preparations

Only organic leaves are selectively harvested or collected from leaves that have naturally turned yellow and just fallen from the tree. Not those leaves that had fallen and turned brownish and dried as they had already lost most of its natural beneficial properties to the ground.

After harvesting, the leaves are individually cleaned, quality checked and left naturally dried to preserve all the beneficial properties. Thus, the leaves are of the highest quality maintaining their natural nutrients which are very rich in texture and deep coloration. Only premium large leaves of length 7 inches and above are for sale.


Simply rinse them with tap water before putting them into your aquarium tank. After 1-2 days the leaves will be water-logged and sink. This will leave a strong brown dye that will tan the water slightly (to a clear amber) and provide a very natural stream-bottom look to your aquarium. This dye consists of tanic acid and other organic materials that emulates the natural environment of most tropical fishes. Remove the leaves from the tank after 10 days.

Brackish Water or Black Water

Alternatively, you can boil the leaves to make blackwater extract and dose when you need. Soaking the leaves in a tank for 10 days will produce a similar result.

Recommended dosage would be 1 leave to 20 liters of water for 10 days, thus 10 leaves to a 200 liter tank.

Size of premium leaves ship will be 7" in length and more!

Ordering :-

Minimum order of 10 leaves per shipment. Additional order quantities will be in incremental qualities of 10,20,30 .....

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Ketapang  or Indian Almond Leaves shall be courier in air tight LDPE bag.

Quality Guaranteed :-

We ship only quality leaves are that has its natural beneficial properties which are very rich in texture and deep coloration. Only premium large leaves of length 7 inches and above will be ship. If you are not satisfy with the quality of the leaves, please ship back the remaining unused leaves and we will refund the balance excluding the shipping and packaging costs.

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